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Welcome to my personal fundraising page for the 2019 Beach Volleyball Tournament.

Gateway funded research is always and only about the patient. 99 cents of every dollar received at Gateway funds cancer research, so your donation will make an impact on today’s cancer patients.

Since 1991, Gateway has supported more than 150 Phase I and Phase II cancer clinical trials and funded leading-edge research at some of the best cancer centers and academic institutions in the U.S., Canada, Israel and Switzerland.

A donation of just $16.56 helps fund one patient for one day in a Gateway funded clinical trial.
With each new discovery, we are one step closer to conquering cancer.



We all have reasons for donating.  Family, friends, loved ones, co-workers, and anyone else who has been affected.  My hope is that one day we don’t have to do this anymore, and that’s why I ask for your help.  I know we are all strapped for cash, but if we all do $10,  then we would fund at least 15 days of research as listed above, just from my group!  Can you spare $10?  I hope you can find that small amount in your budget to help out!


The website will even allow credit card payments, so it doesn’t even come from your bank account.  Please also share with your family an friends for an even greater impact.

Thank you for your support!




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