Tools and Tips

We know that it takes a lot of time and effort to put on an event, so we’ve created tools and tips to help you along the way.


  • Gateway is here to help! Check out our DIY Fundraiser Guidelines to see what we are able to provide for your event.
  • Budgeting your expenses and your revenue effectively will help in the organization of your event. Check out our DIY Budget Worksheet for help.
  • We have provided you with premade emails in your participation center. Add a little personal touch and click send!


  • Don't be afraid to ask for donations!
  • Come up with creative things to sell at your events.
  • Promote your event via social media to gain more participants. 
  • No matter if you raise a little or a lot, you are still making a difference in the lives of those battling cancer. 
  • Customize your fundraising page with an image and your personal reason for doing the fundraiser.
  • Share your fundraising page via email and on social media.
  • Encourage your teammates, friends, and family to share your fundraising page on their social media.